Importance of Baby Shower For a Pregnant Lady

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Baby Shower

Baby shower is a fun filled ceremony for everyone in the family and especially for the new parents and for them here are some of the reasons why it is celebrated and how can you modify it and make it a modern baby shower.

Baby Shower

It is a celebration for the upcoming baby and expected mother, spreading happiness and good luck for the baby and mother. It celebrates the transformation of a woman to a mother. It is the family’s first opportunity to gather people to bless the baby and for its healthy arrival. It is generally celebrated from 7th to 9th month of pregnancy. It has different names in different cultures.

Why Baby Shower

Baby Shower is a pregnancy ritual which is followed from vedic age to shower blessings to the expected mother from their friends and family .It’s a way to help the new parents with everything they need. The mother-to-be is showered with dry fruits, sweets and other gifts that help the baby’s growth.

In Hindi, it is known as Godhbharai which means ‘filling the lap’ with lots of love and blessings. It is believed that after the 7th month, the baby and mother are in the safe phase of pregnancy. It is a wonderful get together for the family and friends.

How is it celebrated

Only women are invited in the baby shower. In this ceremony, mom-to-be wears beautiful traditional dresses, jewellery, decorate hair with flowers and many more.

In some homes, the pregnant mum-to-be is anointed with special oils by the elderly women in the family. She is then dressed up in a special saree and adorned with flowers. A puja is performed before the festivities begin.

The ceremony is filled with singing, dancing and a fair amount of teasing and fun. It may include some games such as guessing the gender of the baby by the size and shape of the pregnant mum’s belly or creating a names list for your baby.

In most traditional homes, gifts such as bangles, clothes or cash are given only for the mum-to-be. But, gifts for the baby are given only after the birth.

Modern Baby Shower

Nowadays baby showers are less traditional and more focused on fun. The party is done at least before 4-6 weeks of the due date so that the parents have enough time to borrow or buy the essentials for their newborn baby and also there is less chance that the mom will be in labor during the party.People invite not only their family and relatives but also their friends, co-workers and all the closest people.

Theme based baby showers are in the trend and accordingly people dress up. And also, a host is booked prior to organize the event and make it successful by including some funny games for women.

The trend of celebrating baby showers for the first baby and not for other babies has gone. Now, people organise parties for their second or third baby as well.

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