Husband slashes the wife’s throat and leaves the baby near the dead body for 24 hrs

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A miserable incident happened in Mumbai, A 31 year Man killed is his wife by slashing her neck, at their residence. After killing his wife miserably, he decided to commit suicide by jumping in front of the railway tracks. Before going to commit suicide, he locked his 2 daughters, aged one and two years, in the home besides the dead body. According to the police report, it was found that both the babies were left hungry and thirsty for more than 24 hours locked up in the house.

After the police investigation, the man’s body was identified, and a murder case was registered against him.The criminal name was Raju Kumar Rai, who was employed in an infrastructure company in good management. The Company had provided accommodation in which he brutally murdered his wife and locked up the 2 babies. The company officials broke upon the house door to kind the babies crying of hunger and thirst.

Earlier the man’s dead body recovered from the railway tracks of Panvel JNPT good trains was recorded as an accidental death. However, after identifying the body through the help of neighbors and recording the crime of killing his wife a suicide and murder case was recorded against Raju Kumar Rai.

The reason behind the murder and suicide is yet to be invested and the CCTV footages all over the locality and crime spot are getting scrutinized, with inputs from the neighbors and the relatives.

Investigations are held on the relationship status, niggling issues in the couple, financial stability of the family and the other possible causes.

However, it is still a pondering thought as to why someone gets to a stage of killing another individual who apparently is your partner, irrespective of whatever the situation may be.

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