How to Use Rose Water & It’s Benefits

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Rose Water Benefits

Rose water is very common in India and people have loved even we can see this product at Grocery shops. It is available at affordable price.

What is Rose water ?

Rose water is a liquid made from rose petals. It has very good and pure fragrance. This is used generally for beauty and medical purposes. There are a lot of benefits of Rose water, some of them are-

Benefits of rose water

For eyes –

It helps in removing dark circles. For which you have to take a bowl and add 2 teaspoon of cold milk and 2 teaspoons of rose water, mix it well and then apply the mixture on face for some time and them rinse off with cold water.

It helps for eye wash, for this you have to take some normal water and few drops of rose water. Then close your eyes and apply it on your face and wash them using the same. It also helps to prevent from conjunctivitis.

It helps in cleaning the dust, it’s quite impossible to remove the whole dust just from water, so you have to add few drops of rose water in your eyes before sleeping to remove the dirt.

For Skin-

Rose water generally work as a skin toner. It helps in removing dirt from face and providing smooth and glowing skin. Regular use of rose water helps you to prevent from blackheads, whiteheads, pimple and acne.The antioxidants in rose water protects the cells in the skin against damage.

It helps in removing redness from skin. For this you have to keep rose water in fridge for coldness and then soak cotton pad into it and place it on infected area. It helps in hydrating the skin, put some rose water in your moisturizing cream. It will provide coolness and hydrate your skin.

For wound –

The antibacterial properties of rose water help you to healing area and prevent you from infections. You have to apply rose water on infected area and leave it for some time. You can use rose water on burns, cuts and scares.

For Brain –

Research have shown Rose water have some antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties. It helps for sleeping and can prevent from mental health conditions like depression, grief, stress and tension.Rose water have some properties so that it can directly affect the brain function, kill cells and hinder memory.

For Headache-

The fragrance of rose water can improve someone’s mood, it can also help for treating headaches and migraine. It can be used by soaking clean cotton cloth into rose water and apply it on your head and take some rest for better results.

For Digestion-

The ingestion of rose water is also beneficial for digestive system. Consumption of rose water also helps in treatment of constipation, because it can increase the amount of water in the faeces, and can increase the frequency of going to toilet.

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