How to take care of your eyes during lockdown

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Eyecare in Lockdown

People are using their mobile phones in Lockdown to watch movies and playing games again and again which is very dangerous for their eyes due to which people are facing issue of eyes burning in night. That’s a vey common problem you will face if you are using phone in a rapid way.

Yes we know that during lockdown it’s very tough to spend time but mobile phone is not a single solution for that, we can do a lot of things, can spend some time with family and play some Indoor games.We always have issue that we have no time to spend with family because of busy schedule, now you have some time to spend with family, but still you are wasting your time with mobile phones.

Now we will discuss about how using mobile phones a lot will impact your eyes:

• We blink almost 15 times per minute l, but when we use smartphones we just blink half of that. It reduces the functionality of eyes because we are giving much less time to recover our eyes.

• We never have any issue of seeing small words in screen, but you should know that your eyes have some issues for reading that. Reading small words in smartphones causes eyestrain and blurred vision.

• Watching smartphones in night is also a very big issue because in dark, our eyes have to face more lights from screen which causes eyestrain.

These are the impacts on our eyes while using a lot of smartphones. Now we will talk about how to take care of our eyes in this lockdown. Because care of eyes is very necessary.

• First of all I will say to use less smartphones but if you are unable to stop yourself then just take brake of at least 2 minutes after using 20 minutes and in that time you have to see things far from our eyes because continuously staring at single thing for a long time cause eyestrain.

• Adjust your text size so that you and your eyes can read it without any issues.

• Keep tour phone clean, we know touching phone again and again creates dirt on it and dirt adds additional strain on your eyes.

• You have to make minimum distance from your phone. We convince our self very easily to use phone for some time from near doesn’t affect too much. But you should remember that distance of 16-18 inches is necessary from smartphones.

• You have to adjust brightness of screen or have to switch your phone to “Eye protection mode”.

From the reports, we got to know that a phone addicted person glances 150 times a day. If you are glancing, then it is called ‘Screen Addiction’.

Caring of eyes is very necessary, so we have a strong recommendation to follow all the rules to take care of eyes during lockdown.

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