How to look “Always in Style” at all times

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“What do I wear?” These aren’t just 4 little words. It determines how you feel about yourself, how others look at you and it defines your personality too. And it’s not only about what clothes you have on. Your skin, the products you use, and even the bounce in your hair defines you!But rarely do any of us know what we need to buy.Thousand brands and changing trends often confuse and sometimes even amuse. So here’s a lot of help from a little tool called Always in Style – that pretty much, helps you do just that. And here’s how:


Clothes aren’t just about trends. It’s about wearing what suits your personality- because you have to look comfortable and one with your clothes.

That’s why when you fill your Style profile in AIS, you’re asked questions on your personality. “Are you outgoing and exuberant or cautious and reserved? And what do you want others to see you as?” These questions are the best way to figure out your psyche. It helps determine whether you like street fashion, or brands. Want to look sophisticated or wild and funky? Your personality should reflect your clothes.

Once you enter in all your details, AIS throws up an Overview style profile that puts a word to your style. Like whether you are Fashion Forward or Contemporary. It also suggests items that you should buy and tells you where to find them! Need more? Choose to view your “Must-Haves” for more outfits and accessories.


Yes we agree, clothes are not everything. Great outfits with bad skin is a no-no. That’s why AIS also give you skin care advice.

The Skin profile section asks you details on everything from the size of your facial pores to describing your face elasticity and tone. It even takes account of what products you have used on your skin before and about how much you drink – if ever!

Fill in and enter all your details to get a detailed Skin Profile that tells you your skin type and what kind of products you need to be looking at using. AIS then tells you exactly what products you need to use from low end to high end brands. AIS also advices you on Skin Care Regimes, Treatments, and little Tips and Tricks that even tells you what to eat to keep your skin looking great! Sure beats spending thousands on a visit to the dermatologist, aye?


To complete the look that great clothes and glowing skin gets, you need shiny and healthy hair too! Use the Hair section in AIS to know your hair better.

Enter in details on the texture of your hair, your hair and scalp type and even the condition of your hair! In fact it even asks you how long you take to wash your hair – and yes it does matter.

Once you are honest about your hair care, you get a detailed report on your Hair Profile. You’ll know your hair better, and even know how weak or strong your hair is. And AIS doesn’t ever leave you in the dark. Know what products you need to use for your hair. The simple yet effective tool tells you what brands to buy and worry not- there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to read the Tips and Tricks – there are some real cuticle openers there!

So really what are you waiting for. Haven’t you always wanted fashion and skin care advice? So log on, and be Always in Style!

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