How to Impress a Guy: Perfect Tips

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How to Impress a Guy

Everything takes time to grow and get strong. Especially love needs a lot of time that’s why you don’t run so fast in doing anything. Have some patience! The ball will be in your court.

Looks can impress a boy for a short time but your good manners can make him yours for a lifetime. After 5-10 years you all will realise that you need a beautiful soul, not just a beautiful face.Great guys love a chase to win a girl, because the love a good competition.

Guys want a girl who gets the attention of other guys and steal her away from right under their noses.Impressing a guy is just not about using your body, but your intelligence and sense of humour.

Here are few things you can do to impress a guy you like:

1. Passion and Ambition

If your are passionate and ambitious for your future than it will never fail to impress the guy. Because guys like passionate girls and even they want to be a part of it.If you like him and even, you love him very much but please don’t show off your feelings excessively. Let him realize your feelings genuinely along with your career goals.

2. Charismatic

They should be charismatic and be able to charm everyone around you. This doesn’t mean bring overly loud or dramatic, just act natural. A truly charismatic person can talk to anyone and make him feel at ease, whether it’s a 10 years old boy or eight years old woman.Experts Agrees: Guys love people who are down- to-earth and easy-going, with a passion for life. The more you can show that you’re fun and easy to hang out with, the more he’s going to be into you.

3. Confident

Confident girls are fun to be around, add positive energy to any situation and make other people around them feel good. All this confidence is impressed by guys. Guys like the women who have a natural ease with themselves and are happy with who they are. So, just be confident!

4. Intelligence

Every man is impressed by an intelligent woman who can debate issues, fond solution in her life, and hold intelligent and thoughtful conversation.

5. Offer to pay for yourself

A guy doesn’t want to be a student or follower, he wants an equal. A strong, interdependent woman with whom he can forge a partnership and life.When you offer to pay for yourself, it communicates you see yourself as his equal. He may still want to be chivalrous and pay…. Which is fine. The important is you impressed him with the offer.

6. Be original

Guys love girls who stand out from the pack and aren’t like anyone else. If you lied to a guy, it will definitely come out in front of your guy, which can break your trust and even relationship. So, be original!

7. Be witty

Guys are always refreshed and pleased by a girl with wit. To impress a guy with your wit, work on being clever, being able to keep up a flow of intelligent and sharp banter and to wow him with your word okay, insights and quick reaction.If the guy says something funny, don’t just laugh- respond back with an equally funny comment.

8. Healthy Flitting is Good

Boys like flirting with girls and also, they like it when a girls flirt with them. Flirting can impress many boys but don’t give a cheap impression on his mind.

• Give hum a cute nickname and don’t be afraid to tease.
• Send him some flirty texts like I was thinking about you, you look cute, I wish you were there with me, etc.

So try to use these ideas smartly and this will help you to impress him.

9. Have a good personality

Having a good personality can help you to impress him but personality doesn’t mean looks it has many other. Dress well, smell great, look fresh!

• The clothes you wear gives powerful signals to the guy you want to impress. Your simple and decent dress up look can impress him easily you don’t have to dress up like a boss. Choose nice colours, that must look best on you and must have a proper fit. Be simple be decent!
• Take shower nicely, before meeting him. Use a nice soap and spray an awesome deodorant which has a nice fragrance.
• The body movements you make while talking that defines you and your standard. Your moves mist be attractive and genuine.
• You must say please and Thank you when you feel them needed. Make your good manners your strength.
• The way if talking and language you use must be really good and impressive. Use decent words and simple way of talking.

10. Make eye contact when talking

Build a strong eye contact. It’s show how loyal and committed you can be so. This can build a deep intimate connection between you both.

11. Arouse his curiosity

Being curious for someone shows your interest in that person. Ask about his hobbies, his personal life and anything that you want to ask. Also, tell him about yourself.

12. Don’t show too much attitude

Don’t behave rudely to guy, take things easy and try to figure out everything deeply. Make your boundaries and try to be in them it will help you a lot. Treat him nicely he’ll treat you even better.

13. Punish him when he’s cocky

If he keeps you waiting for over half an hour, don’t forgive him. If you do this right at the beginning of the relationship, he’ll respect you more. The rest of the time be the sweetest girl in the world around him!

14. Leave in a memorable manner

The best way to impress a guy is by leaving him with exciting and memorable memories of you. When you subtly flirt with hum in a not-so-obvious manner, he can’t help but constantly remember you and wonder if you actually flirted with him or it was just his imagination.

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