How A Women Body Changes During Pregnancy

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Body Changes During Pregnancy

These are very natural and common changes occur in our body during pregnancy. Every mom has to ready for body or physical changes and it’s expected by being a mother. A woman has to experience a series of physical changes, including weight gain, anxiety, swelling on feet, fluid retention, and many other internal and external changes moms can feel. At the beginning or starting months of pregnancy she may feel extra sleep or sometimes less sleep and it’s called internal hormonal changes and, in the meantime, we can see many physical changes, as we are elaborate further.

Weight gain

As we know when mum’s pregnancy progresses, one most noticeable physical change is an occurrence during pregnancy which is weight gain. Although we know that nobody wants to put on overweight but while pregnancy weight gain is important for nourishment and overall health for a mom and their growing upcoming baby. And no need to worry about the additional weight because after the baby’s birth eventually it comes off.

Follow or concentrate on

. Yoga or exercise regularly (after consulting with doctor)
. Eating healthy and nutritious food
. Avoid junk food
. Keep calm to the mind


Weight gain during pregnancy has important place to changes our body, so, it’s tough to experience it. Because it brings backache and sometimes it can’t easy to express it and bear the aches. At that time a mom should get good night’s sleep. It’s essential for a mother and baby too. Sometimes treats a mom herself to a massage to relaxes their back and feet. She should take some yoga or exercise tips for relaxation of the whole body.

Swollen feet and ankles

If there are Some swollen problem to the feet and ankles while pregnancy sometimes it’s common because it’s the main reason can retain more fluid during pregnancy. So, she should little more take care of herself. If there is some major problem seen on your face and hands, we should consult our doctor immediately because it can be a dangerous pregnancy.

To relieve this condition

. Avoid standing and sitting for a long time period
. Wear comfortable footwear
. Must do your feet exercise which can be more comfortable to you and also it can lessen your swelling.

Along with these above problems a mother deals with many others like

. Stretch marks
. Itching (intense part)
. Itchy skin
. Sleep disorder
. Mental stress


While pregnancy body changes are very challenging dealing with a mom. She has to face all her situations which are medium to upbringing the new member of the family. It’s too tough to express her feelings whichever she is facing while pregnant. So, she should keep calm, stress-free, relax, and enjoy these days with joy and happiness. Because it’s totally effected by their baby. And her family also come to know about their health issues and just good care for her. Because a mother is very emotional while pregnant.

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