Health benefits of laughter on women

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A child use to laugh hundreds times a day, but a woman’s life tends to be very serious and responsible and hence laughter become more infrequent. But laughter is a key component of happy life, and it has many physical and emotional benefits on woman’s body. The benefits of a good laugh is wide ranging and can protection from depression and stress.


• Boost: Mental Health: A good heart laugh relieves from mental tension and stress. It also gives a good sense of humour and helps to fight against negatives of life which lead to depression. Research found that, if you laugh more, then you won’t feel lonely and think positive about your own.Laughter adds joy and zest to life, eases anxiety and tension, relieves stress and improves mood.

• Boost Physical Health: Studies shows that people who laugh more tens to visit less to the doctors and have good health. Laughter is the most common therapy for Cancer patients. Also, 10-15min laughs burn 40 calories. Laughter boots immunity and strengthen the muscles.

Boost Heart Health: Laughter improves the functions of blood vessel and increase blood flow, which can help you protect from a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.


If you are facing tough time like so many responsibilities of family and home or budgeting problem, then learn the techniques to bring laughter in your life.

• Do in front of mirror, the person who is standing in front of mirror , look at her and start laughing, because no one makes you more laugh as much as you can do.
• Watch funny movie, read funny books, watch a funny sitcom.
• Visit the place which helps you remembering good memories of your past.
• Spend time with an amazing buddy.
• Join some laughter group or practise laughter yoga.
Laughter takes you to a higher place, where you can view the world from a more positive, relaxed and joyful perpective.

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