Good touch and bad touch: Everything you need to know

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Good Touch & Bad Touch

Increasing case of rape, sexual assault, molestation has actually raised the concern of the parents. Child’s are not safe at any place whether school, office or in the family. Some little girls are easy to target for psycho crimes. So, it’s very important to inform them about good and bad touch. This it’s not only the duty of parents to teach them but teachers too have the session where they can teach the child about good and bad touch and also step taken for the safety.


A “good touch” is one that is not offensive and uncomfortable to a girl. If a person touches a girl, they should do only after knowing fully well that she should not object it. This rule is even for brother, father, grandfather or uncles. If they continue to do after her objection, it is termed as sexual offence.

Following are consider as good touch:

• Holding your hand.
• Patting your back.
• Putting an arm around your shoulder.


The term “bad touch” means any touch that the child objects to and which affect the child in negative way. Bad touch is classified into two categories:

1. Unsafe or harmful touches: Pushing, elbowing, pinching, kicking, etc. are touches which hurt the child. We must teach the girls that such kind of touches should seriously be objected. Girls must openly protest against such unsafe touches.

2. Unwanted or offensive touches: Touching girls in the wrong place or private parts, kissing them and hugging them without their consent , etc. falls in this category. Girls must taught from the young age to say NO to these touches.


• Make your girl understand that she is the OWNER OF HER BODY. No one means no one can touch her without her permission even her parents or siblings.

• Teach her about her PRIVATE PARTS and follow the rule ALL THAT A SWIMSUIT COVERS. This help to understand all the private parts.

• Sometime some adults helps the girl to change diapers, clothes or helps in the bathroom, make the girl understand the difference between helping and touching unnecessarily for long time.

• Educate the girl that strangers do not have the liberty to touch you unnecessarily. Teach girl to maintain a right distance from the start.

• A touch from even some close relatives can sometimes be offensive. Motivate the girl to raise her voice against this.

• If no one is around to help, then run away from there, reached your parents or some trustworthy person or even the police.

• Motivate her to not being shy, because this is not her fault.

Talk to the girl in a casual way and then give advices. If the girl is not in mood to talk, leave the topic and continue it after sometime or some days.

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