Generosity Outbreaks When Kerala Groom Converts Wedding Venue to Relief Camp in Kerala

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With the current situation of Kerala been flood hit and most of us from all over India are coming forward to donate to the relief fund. Where different organizations are raising funds for the flood hit area, many volunteers and army team is coming for rescue. Recently 100 fishermen from Kerala also joined the rescue mission. This young groom has gone differently in assistance to flood victims.

KJ Jaydeep- the groom, who was to marry Surya Saratha the daughter of Dr. Sarath and Sreelatha Sarath, in Vechoochira on 19th August 2018. This gentle groom from Neelamperoor in Kurichy near Kottayam stepped differently in contribution for flood victims by giving shelter to them in his marriage venue and postponing his marriage date.

This young groom turned his wedding venue that is before his house into a relief camp as the nearby places been badly affected and submerged due to flood. With the continued rain situation in the state and food scarcity both bride and groom parents stand in support and postponed their children wedding, which is now scheduled on 2nd September 2018.

The nearby towns of the wedding venue were flooded and the roads were disconnected due to waterlogging. This way Jaydeep and his family members decided to turn the marriage pandal to the relief camp. The kitchen of the pandal prepared food for the survivors until the village panchayat opened a relief camp nearby.

The quick action taken by a groom voice among other stories of selflessness to battle against Kerala flood. This real-life hero really restores faith in humanity.

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