Fashionable winter accessories a women must have

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Winter Wear

As winter wind gently blew, we crave to snuggle in our blankets with a book along with hot coffee or chocolate, but also this is the time we can dig in our favourite sweaters and boots. But shopping for winters is a daunting task and if your are a fashion lover and always hunting for different thing to experiment with, your search brought you to the right place. Before heading for the shopping co side these terrific accessories:

Tights: Warm wintery tights are must when the temperature goes down. Sheer, opaque, dots or heart’s, there are tights for everyone’s choice. They go with everything like skirts, shorts or dresses along with heels or sneakers to give you a chic look.


Boots: A pair of nice comfortable boots I a must have in winters. You can pair it with almost every piece of clothing whether its skinny jeans or skirts. Boots with heels is classy for party girls, combat boots for tomboy, casual one for office lady and over the knees for fashion diva. The most important thing about boots is that they never go out of fashion, they also look classy and gives a positive mark to your fashion statement.


Cozy slippers: It keeps your feet warm and toasty by slipping them into these comfy sheep skin lined slippers.


Boot socks: Socks just not keep your feet warm during chilli winters but also turned out to be a great fashion accessory. They look super cute when peeking a little from above the boots. It is a fun way to make your outfit instantly interesting and adding layers to your look.


Trench coats: trench coats add a fresh style and effortlessly transform your look. If the same is paired with high heel boots then it gives a sophisticated look and ready to make head turns in your direction. You can tie it artistically at your waist or wear a flattering dress underneath. The basic beige colour is perfect to go with everything. And if you are bold you can try different colours.

Trench Coats

Fingerless gloves: the best thing about these gloves are that you no longer have to struggle to carry your mobile, bag or any other gadget. With so many fabric, length, patterns and texture, you can play with different look and stay toasty without compromising with fashion.


Earmuffs: these cute winter accessories are the trickiest to have a good style as they don’t screw up your hair like a hat do. Without sacrificing style you can stay warm, with cute earmuffs. They are versatile and you can make any hairstyle including pony tails.


Scarves : You can wear scarves in many ways by twisting, tying or hanging it loose. Scarf can be worn with any type of dress which make them the most versatile accessory.


Over sized sweaters : The biggest trend this winter is wearing oversized sweaters. You can wear it with any dress along with boots. They give cute look with skinny Jean’s or tights. You can also wear it by putting a belt around it as it flatter your shape. Oversized sweaters draw attention to your shapely legs.

Loose Sweaters

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