Fashionable and Beautiful Nails for a Stylish Personality

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Black on Black

To give stylish look to nails, Nail art is in fashion. Nail art is associated with the art of drawing or painting different designs on the nails. It has gained hell lot of popularity and now is trending part of vogue. Divas of Bollywood are also having eye-catching nails with art. There are so many designs of nail art which are done by nail artist using nail art kit. If you wish to be glam queen, choose any design given below:

Two toned nail art: This is one of the earliest nail art design that can be easily done at home using two different nail paints and tape. It looks extremely stylish.

Two Toned

Marbled effect nail art: This is a tricky art, it can be done using master techniques.

Marble Effect

Matte nail art: Matte nail art have an exceptional quality to make everyone fall for it in one look. This is alternate for glossy and shimmery nails.


Floral nail design: When you want to add flavor to your nails in spring season, floral patterns will sure make your nail pop.


Polka dots nail design: This is an easy nail art, can be done at home with concentration. Polka dots always looks classy whether on clothes, shoes or nails.

Polka Dot

French manicure nail design: It is always safest while playing around with nails. French manicure with a tongue of glitter can add to your style.

French Manicure Nail Design

Bridal nail art: This design will enhance the bridal beauty when some stones or glitters are beads to make you nails look extraordinary.

Bridal Nail Art

Classic stripes: Vertical or horizontal stripes with vibrant colors always draw women’s attraction. Stripes look trendy in every season and are really easy to do at home.

Classic Stripes

Glittery nail art: Glitter is known to add glamour to your overall look. Glittery nails can make you look like a total glam queen and make everyone fawn over your incredibly good looking nails.

Glittery Nail art

Neon nail art: Neon nail color makes a statement like no other. Neon colors are bold, fun and flirty that can add flavour to your overall look.


Jewel encrusted nail art: Take some sequins, rhinestones, petals, glitter and heavy duty glue to embellish your hands with an eye catching nail art. Jewel encrusted nails are the center of attraction at parties.

Jewel Encrusted Nail Art

Black on black nail art: Nothing can screams classy and sexy as black. Black is an evergreen color which goes with a wide variety of outfits.

Black on Black

Metallic nail art: Ladies can look stunning without much effort with metallic nail art. Metallic not only talons look shiny and shimmery but also classy and eye catching.


One nail art: If you have no time and still want to look elegant, then go with one nail with art. It looks eye catching.

One Nail

If you wish to be a glam queen, select any design from these beautiful nail art designs and feel like there isn’t a spirit as colourful like you.

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