Different flavours of tea and their health benefits

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Different Types of Tea

Tea is the largest drinking beverage all over the world. Elder person to a kid, there are over 80% percent in the entire world who loves to drink tea on daily basis.

We all have heard so far that tea is harmful for health. It contains caffeine which affects heart and disturb sleep pattern. Although this is not completely truth. There are many benefits of tea.

Not only there are benefits of tea but there are so many types of tea, which are very tasty. Here is the list of different varieties of tea:

• BLACK TEA: It is the world’s second most consuming tea. When green leaves are oxidized than we get black tea hence black tea is oxidized tea. Regular consumption of black tea lowers the risk of following diseases:

1. Kidney stone
2. High blood pressure
3. Cholesterol

One can serve black tea, both hot or cold. Black tea is a house of nutrients, since it contains:


• GREEN TEA: Green tea is one of the oldest tea. It is a alternate of sugary drinks, hence, today it is very popular among everyone, due to its health benefits.

1. If green tea is consumed in the early stage of cancer, then it may help to fight against the germs of cancer.
2. If helps to reduce your weight.
3. Consumption of 3-4 cups of green tea daily, makes you feel more energetic.

One can consume green tea with lemon for much more tasty effect.

• LEMON TEA: As understand from the name, lemon tea, is rich in vitamin C. It can be serve both hot or cold as per choice. Lemon tea have so many health benefits like:

1. It removes toxins from the body.
2. It helps to fight against cold and flu.
3. It’s a great remedy for fatigue, laziness and headache.
4. It helps to improve digestion.
5. It helps to reduce acne and disorders from the skin.

• OOLONG TEA: Oolong tea is semi oxidized, and it gives a taste between black and green tea. Like both black and green tea, oolong tea has also so many health benefits like:

1. Helps to lose weight.
2. Relieve from mental stress.
3. Lowers the cholesterol
4. Maintain sugar level
5. Maintain a good skin and healthy hair.
6. Make bones and muscles strong.

For a better taste, oolong tea can be served with lemon or any flavour as per choice.

• PEPPERMINT TEA: Peppermint tea, as by name can be understood as the tea made from the leaves of peppermint. The dried leaves of peppermint plant are used to make this tea. This tea is very refreshing. It has so many health benefits like:

1. The refreshing flavour of peppermint gives you a fresh and energetic feel all day.
2. It reduces stress and helps you to sleep better.
3. It cured stomach problems and helps in weight loss.
4. It boosts immune system.
5. It gives strong gums and fight against bad breath.

• WHITE TEA: Among all the varieties of tea, white tea is least processed. It comes from the leaves and bud of the same plant from where we get black, green and oolong tea. Health benefits are:

1. Helps to fight against cancer cell.
2. It helps to boost immunity.
3. It lowers the cholesterol.
4. It reduces sugar craving and helps to lose weight.
5. It reduces stress and boost memory.
6. It gives a healthy and anti ageing skin.

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