Contest of the day: Tell us your best Atmanirbhar Business Plan #makeinIndia

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Atmanirbhar Contest

WHO says corona is here to stay forever. After having heard this, what is going to be the new form of our lifestyle is yet to be discovered. However, it is obvious that we will have to follow limited physical touch, restricted traveling, and start becoming more self independent. Reduced transportation, limited to the mere urgent necessities have to be the protocol even ahead. Most business that highly depend on import and export of good will be impacted massively. How large the magnitude of this impact will be and how longer is uncertain?

But India, will see a new horizon of growth, amidst all this chaos and we are rolling out a contest for all. We want you to comment on this article with your Atmanirbhar (self sufficient) business plan. This contest is not just to have a interaction with the audience but to also encourage our viewers to turn in entrepreneurs and come up with the best self-sufficient business operations plan to inculcate the idea of self growth and progressive India in the coming months.We will publish the best business plan on our website and interview the entrepreneur and cover his plan to give him/ her the honour deserved. Leave your email id and contact details with your unique business plan.

With the world turning against China and countries like India, Mexico and Vietnam been considered as the next centre of massive production and operations, the dream of make in India, will soon come true, if our people are ready to take over the onus that China held for years.

We encourage all our readers to comment along with your Business plans and we will showcase your entrepreneur brilliance to the world. Those of you who do not have any ideas can comment in the box below supporting make in India mission by typing #makeinindia.

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