Common health problems faced by women during pregnancy

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Most women have a health and no complication pregnancy. But, even you are healthy you still may have some issues. Some women face basic issues, while some face severe. Following is the list of problem caused during pregnancy:

Morning sickness: Around 4 in 5 women feel morning sickness. This is due to hormonal disturbance. It starts between 4th to 17th weeks, it I worse at 9th week and it stop at 20th week.

Heartburn: Heartburn or indigestion is the burning feeling around the middle part of the top of your stomach. It is cause by stomach acid rising into tube joining your mouth. You will get heartburn later in you pregnancy as the baby presses on your stomach.

Constipation: Constipation is due to hormonal changes that makes your digestion much slower. As your baby starts to grow, they will be less space for digestive system to work best. This can be cure by eat fruits, whole grains and drinking lots of water.

Vaginal discharge: Vaginal discharge is very common during pregnancy and is called LEUKORRHEA. This is the first visual sign of pregnancy. It is white, thin and milky and a mild smell. If your are feeling uncomfortable opt for using panty-liners, don’t use tampons as they can carry infection in your body putting your baby into risk.

Urinary Incontinence: Urinary Incontinence is caused to pregnant women due to increase in the pressure at bladder. It is normal and usually starts in the late pregnancies.

Varicose Veins: Some women develop varicose vein near the rear of vagina. They are quiet painful. Proper rest and some floor exercise helps to relieve.

Backache: Due to hormonal changes and growing weight of the baby, women suffers from backache. Exercising, maintaining good posture and wearing flat sole footwear helps to sort the problem.

Stretch Marks: Stretch Marks are caused due to change in the elastic supportive tissue right under the skin. They can be cure by applying ointment from the starting.

Skin changes: Hormonal changes that pregnancy caused lead to acne and skin darkening. Some women develop dark circles under their eyes. To solve this either consult a doctor or maintain skin routine.

Leaky nipples: Growing breast cause itching sensation, and leaking nipples are to due to the release of prolactic hormone during pregnancy. This is so normal, but if you don’t want anyone to notice then use pads under your bra.

Swelling: also called Edema, this is caused due to extra fluid that get stuck in your tissues. The growing uterus put pressure on the vena cava and thus causes swelling. Proper rest solves the problem of swelling.

Lack of energy and Fatigue: In first trimester, fatigue is caused due to hormonal imbalance, while, in third trimester fatigue is caused due to weight gain. Eating balanced food and taking rest help you to relieve from fatigue.

Most of the pregnancy problems go after delivery, so eat well, exercise and get enough rest.

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