Bomb found in ST Bus@Navi Mumbai, post which Mumbai’s life line Local Railway is Put on High Alert

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Just few days after the Pulwama incidence, the various parts of the nation is now on alert mode. The fear of the terrorist to back fire, runs in the mind of all.

Amidst all this, a driver of the state transport Bus in panvel found a IED ( improvised explosive device) and a detonator in his bus at Rasaiyni, around 15 kms from Panvel, Navi Mumbai in Raigad District.

As per the police reports, the bus was moving from Karjat to Apte village when the driver happen to check the bus after having all his commuters walked out & to his utter surprise, he found the explosives on the upper rack of the bus. The explosive had the strength to kill many surrounding it. It was successfully detonated by the officials. Also post this, the authorities are suspecting a possible similar explosive to be brought and installed in the other state transportation especially the life line of Mumbai, the local Railway.

The local railways of Mumbai is highly crowded and the majority of the population commutes from the railways daily. The government has issued a high alert to all the commuters with essential safety mandates to follow while commuting and special security officials are deputed to ensure safety.

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