Benefits of Pelvic Exercise During Pregnancy

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Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

We know that during pregnancy a woman’s body has so many hormonal changes. While pregnancy pelvic floor muscles will loosen because of hormonal changes. Sometimes a mother may feel like leak urine while coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercise. These are only caused by loosening and along with baby, it pressurise on your bladder. If a mother wants to relieve all these problems so, she should start doing pelvic floor exercises. It will easily strengthen these muscles and helps a mother to control these such problems. These exercises can be more effective and helps to support pelvic organs during pregnancy. It works not only during pregnancy but also after the birth of the baby. A mother should do this exercise as on a regular basis.

There are some doubts about pelvic exercise during pregnancy

What should be the perfect manner to do this pelvic floor exercise?

A new mother doesn’t know the perfect posture for the exercise. Before starting this exercise a mom should consult with their doctor and make sure that she can do it or not. In case of problem, she should avoid it.

There are some perfect ways for doing this exercise

  •  At the beginning, a mother has to make sure that she is ready for doing the exercise
  • Take deep breaths in a normal way as much as she can
  • Sit perfectly and lean slightly forward with a straight back
  • Squeeze lightly as much as she can, lift the muscles as like trying to stop a wee
  • Hold the squeeze at least as we count to 8 to 10, feel relax for 8 to 10 seconds
  • Repeat it regularly as many as she can, about 10 to 12 squeezes at least a time. Keep breathing during exercise.

    Question: When should we start pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy?

    Although we know that very well that exercise is a must during pregnancy. After a few months, the baby is growing into the womb as passing the time, which means that the pelvic floor will have to work harder to support the womb.Doing pelvic floor exercise from the starting months of pregnancy onwards can help the muscles from be stronger to stop those accidental weeps in late pregnancy and within six months of baby‘s birth. Even should keep running this exercise rest of life.


    All Pregnant ladies should do pelvic floor exercises. It takes an important place in being a mother’s life. It will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and a pregnant woman can easily control their intense parts like the bladder. Its training will help the body to cope with the growing weight of the baby. If there is any problem after doing such or you are not relieving due to the problem, then you should take advice to the midwife or the doctor.

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