Benefits and Positive Impact of Lockdown

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Benefits of Lockdown

Lockdown is a protocol that means people must stay where they are, they can’t exit from their places. This is an emergency measure to protect people.

The whole world is standstill, due to the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many countries are lockdown to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The government of each country have made some rules to stop the reduction of this pandemic. Only hope to prevent the spread of coronavirus is people staying at home and follow social Distancing.

While world is facing so many problems due to this. But, on the other side, experts have seen some benefits of this lockdown too. There is a positive impact of lockdown on families as well as EARTH.


Our mother Earth, on which we are surviving is becoming very healthy due to this lockdown. Researchers from the different parts of the globe found the benefits during lockdown, which have cause many to rejoice.

• Blues skies all over the world.
• Clearer water of all the river including in Venice.
• Reduction in pollution due to not use of vehicular traffic.
• Reduction of carbon emissions.
• No dust in the air due to construction sites.
• Low level of carbon dioxide.

Now-a-days, people from all over the world are posting the pictures of clear blue horizons. People are snapping the pictures of beautiful scenes near them and posting on social media.

Some people even joking like, I can see Eiffel Tower, other say, I can see god from my balcony. These are just jokes to make yourself happy in the tough time of pandemic.

But, seriously, due to lockdown the movement of Earth is changed, because the activity cuts off to almost zero.
Other than Earth, lockdown gives many benefits to humans also.


• Extra hours for sleep

Just because of hectic and busy life, you can’t get proper sleep. Now this is your time to get proper sleep and feel energetic. Proper sleep also regenerate skin cells.

• Exercise more

Exercise make you feel more good and it helps to reduces stress and anxiety. It also boost memory and increases the immunity to fight against diseases.


Whatever you love to do, you can do all those activities which calm you and give happiness. ME time is very essential for inner happiness. One can perform any activity during this ME time, whether it is cooking, gardening, craft or any thing.

• Time for family

Due to social life, you can’t give proper time to your family. Lockdown gives you opportunity to give your best time to your partner, parents or children. Spend your time with family and spread happiness and positivity.

• Remember old friends

Now as you have free time, so just pick up your phone and call your school and college friends, and have some gala time with them. It helps you to remembering your childhood memories.

• Eat well

A healthy diet reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Avoid processed food, as they tend to obesity. Healthy and proper food gives nourishment to your body and stabilize your mood.

Other than all above mentioned benefits, there are so many more. Since, the Earth is free from pollution, human beings get pure oxygen and healthy air. So, now it’s our duty to take the pledge of caring of Earth even after lockdown. Because, if Earth is Safe, we human beings are also safe.

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