A Salute to all Policemen, Doctors,Nurses and Social Workers who Stand Still with People at all times in this Epidemic

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Coronavirus had done a lot of harm to the whole world. Till now total cases in the whole world are 11,35,000 , deaths are 61000, recovered peoples are 2,36,000 and total active cases are 8,37,000.

We have to accept this that, there are some peoples who are doing everything to save the country from this Epidemic, they are Doctors, Police, health workers and don’t forgot the social workers who are providing their service to the poor peoples of providing all the essential things which they required.

Doctors are doing their best to save peoples, they are working 24 hours without caring of their lives because they can also affect from this virus.

Our Police is doing their work very well, they are hardly restricting peoples to go outside from home, this strictness is vey genuine. They are not doing for themselves but for the general public, because it’s increasing in the rapid way.

Health workers are going home to home for testing coronavirus without thinking of their life, although they know that this can risk their life but they are doing their work efficiently and effectively.

And then Social Workers who still didn’t forgot to do there work in this situation, they are helping all the poor and needy peoples by proving essential items like food, masks, sanitizer etc. They are covering every single area of a city and helping the peoples.

Just because of these heroes the whole country is safe, can take breathe and can sleep without hunger. But some rubbish peoples are not supporting them.Spitting on the doctors, throwing stones on police.Government should take strict action against them.

Now we have a question, Are they enemy of humanity ? Or from which planet these peoples are coming from ?

As we all know these peoples are of which community.We are just unable to understand that if someone wants to save your life then how can you behave like illiterate peoples.

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