7 Tips to Take Care of your Skin at Home During Lockdown

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Skincare Tips at Home

A lockdown is not an easy thing to go through, but there are two ways of looking at it- acceptance or resistance. Most of us would agree that accepting is the best way to save everyone around.

With quarantine and chill becoming the catchphrase of the month, you’re bound to find yourself with plenty of time in the mornings and night.

To help you rejuvenate your face and hands, we turned to Skincare experts for their tips on how to take care of your skin at home:

• Moisturize: According to Rescue Spa founder Danuta Mieloch, to replenish your skin, you can keep using your go lotion, or use some staples like olive or coconut oil, or honey, as it contains hydrating humectants and naturally occurring antimicrobial properties. They suggest applying a little bit of olive oil to hands and feet, then covering with gloves and socks for 15-20 minutes everyday, moisturize the skin at it’s best.

Don’t forget to wash your face: Esthetician Lynn Gallagher says, even though you may not be exposed to the outdoor elements as much as usual, or are wearing makeup less frequently, it’s still important to wash your face daily.You should exfoliate up to three times per week to ensure you are not letting oil, debris, bacteria and dead skin build up, which can lead to break out.

• Important to use products with SPF: Being inside doesn’t means that you are off the hook for wearing sunscreen.In fact, UVA light can penetrate right through window glass, which means that you still are at risk for premature ageing and even skin cancers. You should apply mineral based SPF product when you’re at home to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.

• Stay away from processed food: When physical activities are reduced, processed food has bad effect on both body and skin. Avoid processed food this time and eat fresh vegetables, fruits and salads as much as you can and drink juices and coconut water.

• Move your body for glow: due to lack of physical activities, metabolism gets reduced. Start any workout. If you like a dance, then smiley dance on your favourite song, it will keep your hair and skin both in good shape 20 minutes of activity every morning, afternoon and evening, help in the circulation of antioxidant in the body.

• Use natural ingredients for skin care: In the time of quarantine, you can’t visit salons or parlour for your skincare. So, use natural products. For that, all you need is cucumber, tomato and a potato. Wash and grind all three together and put the mixture into an ice tray. Apply cube on face, let it dry and then wash it. This will keep skin glowing.

• Be mindful of general wellness: The added stress can cause skin to react and change in unexpected ways. Factors like dehydration, increases caffeine intake, lack of vitamin D and changes in nutrition and sleep patterns can affect or skin and change our immune system’s ability to regulate and detoxify, creating inflammation in the body. Experts say, consistent, adequate sleep and drinking more water, helps to rejuvenate skin. Eating fruits and veggies rich in vitamin D and antioxidants, including mushrooms, blueberries and spinach are beneficial.

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