7 Natural Ways to Straighten Your hair at Home

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Straighten You Hair Naturally at Home

For those who are blessed with curly or wavy hair, a straightener has become their best friend. Repeated straightening with heat or chemicals weakens hair, leading to breakage and hair loss.

Girl’s, it’s time to give up those hair straighteners and save your gorgeous locks from the heat and chemical.Here are some best home remedies which straighten your hair naturally at home. These ingredients can be easily found in the kitchen and the best part is that they’re inexpensive and healthy for your hair.

Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice: Lemon juice helps straighten your hair. In combination with coconut milk, it conditions your hair while giving your scalp a vitamin C boost.

Material required and method to apply

Mix ¼ cup Coconut milk and 1tablespoon Lemon juice. Refrigerate the mixture overnight. Apply mixture to your hair from roots to tips, leave for about 30 minutes and wash off with cool water and mild shampoo.
Apply this remedy once a week.

Milk Spray: The proteins in milk help fortify the shafts of your hair, controlling frizz and making your hair appear straight.

Material required and method to apply

Pour ¼ cup milk into the spray bottle. Spritz hair until it is saturated with milk. Leave the milk in your hair for 30 minutes and rinse with cool water. Apply remedy 1-2times a week.

Milk and Honey: Milk help nourish and fortify your hair, the honey acts as an emollient which helps seal moisture in, further controlling frizz. This mixture will help make your hair super smooth and shiny.

Material required and method to apply

Mix ¼ cup milk and 2 tablespoon honey, apply the mixture to your hair. Leave the mixture on hair for 2 hours, wash your hair with cool water and a mild shampoo. Apply once a week

Banana and Papaya mask: Banana and papaya world together to improve the tensile strength of your hair while nourishing and conditioning it.

Material required and method to apply

Mix 1 ripe Banana and 1 big piece of papaya, until the mixture is free of lumps. Apply this mixture into your hair. Leave for 45 minutes or until the mask is dry. Wash off with cool water and mild shampoo. Apply this remedy once a week.

Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar rinse is great for getting rid of excess oil, dirt and build up from your hair. It helps dislodge any dirt from your cuticles, smoothing them down.

Material required and method to apply

Mix 2 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 cup water in a jug. Wash hair with mild shampoo and conditioner. Pour dilute apple cider vinegar on your washed and conditioned hair as a final rinse. Apply once a week.

Multani Mitti: The benefits of Fuller’s earth, also known as Multani Mitti, are very well known, but very few are aware of the fact that it’s not just great for your skin but even hair.

Material required and method to apply

Take Multani Mitti powder and add some water to make a paste. Slowly rub it on your hair, ensuring that you have covered the roots and the scalp. Now, run a comb through your hair and leave it on for an hour or so. Wash with warm water and let the magic happen.

Hot oil Treatment: Oil conditions and repairs your like no other ingredients. It helps control frizz while leaving your hair feeling soft and hydrated.

Material required and method to apply

Mix 1 tablespoon and 1 tablespoon coconut oil and make it slightly warm. Apply to oil on your scalp and hair. Massage about 15 minutes and oil for an additional 30 minutes. Wash your hair with mild shampoo. Use this remedy twice a week.

With these home remedies, you can goodbye to frizzy hair and welcome straight, soft and healthy hair.

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