6 Ways To Find Your Strengths When You’re Tired Of Searching

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Sometimes we can be so focused on the negative aspects in life, that lose sight of all the amazing positive energies around us. Maybe you’re in this boat, or maybe you’re just unsure of what your best set of skills are.

Either way, you’re getting frustrated because you can’t seem to find the things you are best at. You’re only spotting your weaknesses. Given the fact you’re probably tired of searching for ways to figure out your best strengths as an individuals, I’ve got something for you today.

Fortunately, there are ways you can figure out all your strengths and weaknesses, without really doing much work. And in a lot of the cases below, it’ll only take you 30 minutes to see the results.

Want to know what they are ?

Here are 6 ways to find your strengths in life when you’re simply tired of searching :

1. Take An Aptitude Test

An Aptitude test will help you to identify the skills in which you excel. Normally, these tests will ask you a series of questions, and based on your answers, will calculate which skills you are more suited to. Definitely look at taking the test; it won’t take you long, and can dramatically help you decide which career path is best for you.

The definition of an aptitude test is as follows :

“A test designed to determine a person’s ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge.”

2. Stick With the Things You Obsess About

Naturally, the activities you obsess about will most likely become your strengths. It may take a while, but obsession equals passion. Passion equals effort. Effort equals practice. Practice equals perfection.

Before you quote me on this, I have to inform you that this isn’t always the case. There are people in the world who have some incredible passions; but no matter what they do, they aren’t naturally blessed in that particular area, and practice doesn’t seem to change that.

3. Take A Personality Test

Much like an Aptitude test, you can also take a personality test. This will help you figure out the 3 to 5 main personality traits among all others; if you didn’t already know them. Although this won’t exactly let you know what your great at, it will help you to understand your personality more.

Understanding your personality is a huge factor for figuring out the right career for you, the right people to be surrounding yourself with, and the right goals to be setting.

No harm can come from taking a little personality test!

4. Use Numerology

Now you may not know too much about numerology, and you might not even believe in the concept. However, as always it’s important to keep an open mind in life, and you may find this helps you out a great deal.

You can try using numerology to figure out more about yourself and how you can grow as an individual. Check it out, and see what you think.

5. Read Up on Zodiac Signs

I didn’t actually believe in the whole zodiac and star signs thing until a short while ago. I have a friend from Malaysia who I’ve spent a very limited time with since I’ve known him, yet we’ve bonded incredibly well.

One day he said;

“We must get on so well because you’re an Aquarius, and I’m a Taurus.”

The two supposedly find it very easy to bond with each other. Funnily enough, his girlfriend is also an Aquarius…

Upon following the open mind statement I mentioned above, reading up on the zodiac might be a great idea for you. Hell, you might even surprise yourself greatly in the process. I know I did, and now I’m noticing a lot of similarities in real life to what I’ve been reading up on.

6. Ask Your Friend to Help You

This last method came from Barbara Sher on Oprah.com. It involves using a friend to help you. You’re probably going to want to pick a close friend that you can rely on. There are 7 steps involved, which are:

1. Ask your friend to name three of your strengths
2. Tell your friend your top passion.
3. Have your friend tell an imaginary story of your life, based on this passion and your strengths.
4. Take a minute to imagine this fantasy as your real life. Tell your friend what appeals to you and what makes you cringe.
5. Now your friend revises the story based on your feedback.
6. Keep going back and forth until the story feels right. This may take three or 13 rounds—there’s no need to rush. Your friend will likely suggest unexpected scenarios. Don’t let knee-jerk objections shape your feedback. This is about crafting a scenario tailored to your strengths.
7. Stop when the story feels completely satisfying. You’ve just shaped your passion into a goal and defined what you do and don’t want from your calling.

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