2 Years old raped cruelly, FIR says: She was crying incessantly and bleeding

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Child Abuse

The FIR reports of the mother stated: “When I returned home around 6 pm, I saw the man there in his undergarments. He ran away after seeing me. My daughter was crying incessantly and bleeding”.

A 2-year-old infant baby girl was raped cruelly by a 32-year-old drunk man in Gurugram. The police have now arrested the drunk neighbor. In their investigations, they mentioned that the incident took place when the infant’s parents were away for work and the infant was with her elder brother, who also is merely 4 years old.

The family belongs to lower economy class strata staying in the slum clusters locality and have to leave both the kids at home to earn their daily wages with a private company. The police arrested the suspect from the slum based on the mother and 4 yr old brothers crime description and medical evidence.

The victim infant was on the spot hospitalized in the Safdarjung hospital in New Delhi where she was treated and discharged post necessary inspections, ultrasound, and first aid.

During interrogation, the criminal accepted his crime. The mentioned that he tricked the 4-year-old brother and send him out to buy biscuits for himself and meanwhile raped the infant. The criminal will not be enprisoned and will be subjected to action under the POCSO (sexual offense act).

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