15000 stranded, 300 dead as Cyclone Idai creating havoc in Indian Ocean affecting Port Beira, Mozambique drastically

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Cyclone IDAI

Port Beira of Mozambique on the southern African coast is largely affected by the cyclone Idai since yesterday night. Indian Navy has been work on the disaster relief of the Idai cyclone.

The disaster has left a major crisis, killing over 300 people. People are stranded with no water, food and shelter.

The Indian ocean rim area connects India with Mozambique and Indian government has been active in given all possible support to Mozambique nations in the time of crisis. Maximum relief material, food and water supplies effort are taking place, parallel to the rescue mission of people trapped in the port Beira in the cyclone.

The estimated figure of people waiting to be rescued is as high as 15000 and still counting on. A large area of over 3000 Sq km is drowned under water. People who have managed to survive are waiting on the roof top or on trees to get some support to be rescued from the deadly situation. Despite the relief operations, still alot more help is needed. Pregnant women, children and old people are suffering from over 3 days and the support available is not enough.

As the rescue mission continue, the locals also fear of disease that would spread epidemic once the water drains out. However, still the masses are contemplating on the duration of the cyclone and further loss that it will be created before the cyclone recedes. Many humanitarians have donated blankets, food, water, shelter and all possible support to rescue people. Food and water shortage issues are getting dealt with as lot of food has be spoiled due to flooding in the food stock storages.

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